Weswap or “0% commission” ?

Some currency providers promise “0% commission”, the reality is that they simply mark-up their exchange rate to include their fee instead, often anything up to 13% over the real, mid-market rate on the day. This makes it difficult to work out just how much you’re being charged, but it’s certainly not free!

With WeSwap, people swap currency at the real, mid-market exchange rate, and charge 1% for a 7 day swap, 1.3% for a 3 days swap and 2%* if you want an immediate swap

Major currency exchange bureaus on the high street typically charge around 4% – 5% over the mid-market exchange rate. Those based at airports are usually around 9%, and those at hotels can be as much as 13%. 

So while 0% commission sounds like a pretty good deal, always be sure to check the real mid-market exchange rate and how much you will actually receive. 

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