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Reasons why you should stay in an Airbnb

Firstly, with Airbnb you can get an actual home with all the things in it that hotels do not have. For example hotels would want you to eat at their restaurants , whereas with Airbnb you can have a nice stocked kitchen to make your own food. With Airbnb you can pick a place that suits YOU – with a living room, garden, patio etc. You don’t get these options with hotels. Ever booked a hotel room with your own garden? Subsequently, with Airbnb you get a home as opposed to a room with a coffee maker or microwave if your lucky. You can find a place for every need – small simple rooms and luxurious villas; urban apartments, a boat, a treehouse, a castle.

With groups and families, if you are staying at a hotel, you have to book more than one room and then once you get to the hotel, its bye bye see you at 7 for dinner. Whereas with Airbnb you can stay together, you rent a whole house/apartment to yourself which enhances your holiday experience and not forgetting the economical benefits of having a kitchen. Additionally, you can cook at home locally sourced products and have a great dinner in the comfort of your (temporary) home.

Airbnb is cheaper in most cases. The price of a hotel room often includes breakfast but you can save even more money on lunches and dinners if you’re cooking at home. You can’t cook at a hotel. Therefore, you get to experience the city as a local staying in a home.

Some people may be concerned renting an Airbnb from someone they don’t know. However, Airbnb has strict security checks by verified IDS, Reviews, 24/7 support hotline, verified photos and secure payment platform.

So next time you are planning a trip, be sure to check out Airbnb!

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